Ayurveda Wellness Coaching. Simplified to fit into your day between taking kids to school, cooking dinner, and trying to fit a shower in.

Full Session:

$150 for 90 minute intake and 45 minute Follow up

$50 for 45 minute appointments after initial intake

Mini Session:

$50 for Initial 45 minute session

$30 for 20 minute appointments after initial  mini session intake

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So, What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a way to learn what your body needs to work at its full potential. It is a way to discover how your body reacts to different tastes and foods so that you can fully digest the food you ingest. It is a way to process the emotions you feel and fully integrate into the life you are in. It is also discovering which practices work best for your body. In short, it is an integrative science that is fully personalized to the person you are, the lifestyle you live, what you eat, and what your experience is throughout this life. Ayurveda is for everyone, man, woman, and child who wants to live more fully. Whether you have health issues or are the picture of health, Ayurveda has something to help you live better and healthier. 

When you sign up for a session, whether it is a full session or a mini, you can expect to have a personalized experience because you aren't like anyone else in this world. You are unique, and your care should be too. 

With a full session, you will get a 90 minute consultation. I will introduce you to Ayurveda if you are unfamiliar, look at an in depth health history and your lifestyle, including current health issues and complaints to get the full picture of your health. We will talk about what goals you have for your health and wellbeing, and from there begin to create a picture of what would work best for you to heal and create a lifestyle that will foster health and happiness in your body, mind, spirit, and life. 

A week or two later, we will meet again for a 45 minute follow up appointment to go over findings after I have had a chance to go over your health and health history more in depth. We will talk about how you are doing with initial suggestions and proceed from there based on suggestions from your coach. These follow up appointments are structured the way that all future appointments would work. 

During a mini session intake, you will experience a shorter version of the full intake in which you will give an overview of your health, habits, and history. From that information, we will talk about which area of your life you would like to focus on. Whether that is physical: food, sleep, or elimination; mental/emotional: stress, thought patterns, self talk, creating a routine; or spiritual: creating or deepening a spiritual practice.


Follow up mini sessions will entail continued guidance and support to achieve your goals for health, physical, emotional, or spiritual. Whatever your goal is, I will continue to work with you to achieve your goals and deepen your practices. 

I became a student of Ayurveda in 2018 to help my mother with some health issues she has dealt with throughout my life. When I began studying with The Shakti School in 2020, I didn't realize how much I would change and heal myself. My past conditioning, my emotional body, connection to the divine feminine, and creating a spiritual practice that works for me and my family were all areas that I saw changing for the better throughout my studies. Because of this, I began to find myself feeling better, becoming happier, and being healthier without much extra effort.


Don't get me wrong, it wasn't always sunshine and rainbows, growing pains are a real thing, but every step of this journey has been amazing and enlightening. The growth has aligned with my path and dharma in ways that I could have never imagined for myself. Because of this, I am so pleased to have the capacity to share it with you and aid you on your journey to health, happiness, and alignment.

Molly Rodriguez

Ayurvedic Wellness Coach

A lover of books, good food, and adventuring outdoors, as well as a passion for ayurveda, I want to share with you some more of my story. I thoroughly enjoy traveling with my husband, Alex, and when we can bring her, our 6- year old Shikoku Inu named Lola. We have recently been staying closer to home, since we welcomed our sons, Lex in 2017, and Dominic in 2020.

 I am a 29 year old from Oregon, though I've lived in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and Texas as well as Okinawa, Japan. My husband, our pup, and I moved to Nevada in 2016. Near the end of 2017, our first son was born, healthy and cute as can be. Motherhood is just a different type of adventure, and I love it. We are currently in Arkansas temporarily, and so far it has been amazing and full of trees (which where we were in Texas was definitely lacking). We welcomed our second child, Dominic in early 2020 while living in Texas.

My husband and I love to travel and experience different cultures. Together we have traveled to Taiwan, Thailand, Australia, India, and throughout Japan, not to mention 16 states in the US and a quick trip or two to Mexico. We are definitely planning to travel more in the future and are so excited to introduce our boys to the world.

I started Garden of Wanderers in 2018 as a way to spread my wings and explore my own spirituality. I have always been drawn to different belief systems and especially how they look at health and healing. One that stood out for me was Ayurveda, it is a holistic lifestyle and diet that literally means the knowledge of life. As you learn your body type and how your own body absorbs and breaks down food, experiences, and past conditioning, we are able to optimize our health and prevent disease. In January 2020 I began the next step in my career and attended Ayurveda school with The Shakti School. I am about to begin my second level certification course in March 2021 and  I would love to help you out and teach you about your own health and wellness as it applies to the world around you, as well as expanding and opening your awareness through spirit. Above I go through a little more in depth about my own journey of healing through Ayurveda if you haven't checked that out. 

 The blog contains Ayurvedic lifestyle information as well as health and wellness tips. Click the link below to check it out!

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